Frequently Asked Questions 

Here's a few questions that you may have that we can answer for you, if you still need to know further details please don't hesitate to contact us at or give us a call on 0421 441 238.

Thanks have a good day :)


How do I order a print or other medium? 

To order an image simply click on the image you are after from one of the galleries, click on the Buy Now button in the top right hand corner. A new window will open, there is a 'Product' drop down box up the top which if you click on will list the different products and mediums we print onto. You can then select from there. And this will give you a more comprehensive list. If you click onto a specific item it will give you more details about it in the 'How it works' column.

To add an item to your cart click on the drop down box next to the price to select how many you would like to order. This will update your cart and you can view your cart and finish your order by clicking View Shopping Cart down the bottom or your screen.


How do I calculate shipping costs?

Shipping is calculated automatically by Paypal from the dollar amount of your order when your proceed to the checkout.

How much are the shipping charges?

Orders between $0 - $35 = $5.00 p/h (postage and handling)

Orders between $36 - $130 = $10.00 p/h

Orders between $131 - $299 = $20.00 p/h

Orders between $300 - $499 = $30.00 p/h

Orders between $500 - and up = $40.00 p/h

**Please note additional charges may apply for rural areas.


Can I pick my order up from your Gallery?

Sure! Please contact us first before placing your order online so you can avoid automatically calculated shipping costs.

Call 0421441238 or email


What if I don't have Paypal?

When you click 'Proceed with payment' an order summary will appear and on the right hand side down the bottom you can click 'Pay with a credit or debit card' you don't need to hold a paypal account to do this.


Do you take custom orders?

We certainly do!! Please contact us with your measurements and we can give you a quote :)


Surf Photography Shoots

You can now pay for your surf photography shoot online - or obtain a gift voucher for any of our packages.

Simply click onto the surf photo shoot folder in our drop down gallery list, click on the Buy Now button in the top right corner and scroll down to Surf Photography Packages. Select the package that suits you - once we have processed your payment we will email you a Gift Voucher.






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